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SkillFactory brings together

Training participants

The training participant has a clear view to his or her own data: training courses with study rights, unfinished training and training previously completed.

In addition, the training participant receives training-related information, such as alerts about expiring qualifications and notifications of new training invitations.

Acquiring and completing training is simple and straightforward.

Training providers

The training provider has access to a full-service operating environment where it is easy to implement comprehensive education and training tools and provide high-quality training experience to customers.

The training provider can compile the supply of education and training tools by producing its own training, using training packages by other providers or using a combination of both.

In addition, the training provider may, if it so wishes, offer its own training to other training providers.

Service providers

The service provider offers its customers versatile one-stop training services.

Service providers have a variety of features at their disposal to serve their own customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is SkillFactory?
SkillFactory connects training providers and those needing training in one service. SkillFactory combines in-person education, virtual learning and e-training into one training entity.
Who is SkillFactory for?
SkillFactory serves companies of all sizes that produce or need training. SkillFactory serves companies that find lifelong learning and the management of educational performances important.
How will SkillFactory benefit my training company?
SkillFactory is a platform service which connects training providers, enabling them to sell trainings directly to end customers and also to distribute trainings to other operators for resale. SkillFactory is a marketplace for training modules creating completely new opportunities for building and reselling training modules.
My company needs training, how will SkillFactory benefit us?
The company can manage all the training it needs (online/contact/remote) in one service.
How do I get my customers or my company employees to take part in the training?
There are a variety of tools for managing participants which can be used to send invitations, share additional training information, make schedules, set reminders, do follow-up
Can I share my own training information or can I access the data of the participants I have invited?
Automated training performance management gives the participant and the employer up-to-date information about the validity of the qualifications. Completed trainings will be shown automatically in the training data. On a case-by-case basis, the data is visible to the person who completed the training, the employer or the training provider. Training data can be shared with other systems via interfaces.
Is SkillFactory a learning management system (LMS)?
SkillFactory can be used as a learning management system or it can be integrated into an existing learning management system.
Is SkillFactory a learning record store (LRS)?
SkillFactory includes a learning record store which can be used as such or it can be integrated into an existing LRS.
Can I build my training company website with SkillFactory?
SkillFactory provides a lightweight content management system (CMS) or it can be integrated into an existing customer site using the features of the SkillFactory software development kit.
How do I bring my company's existing trainings and users to the service?
The SkillFactory API enables you to import trainings, training performance data, users, teams, and other existing information from your organization into the service. You can log in to SkillFactory using existing login services.
Does SkillFactory support multilingualism?
The SkillFactory interface supports multilingualism. At first, the service will support Finnish and English. Other languages will be supported in the future when needed.
Can training be provided in multiple languages on the SkillFactory service?
SkillFactory supports the implementation of training in several languages.

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